Tablau Vivant

This work consists of a tableau of Barbie dolls where their heads have been replaced with evil clown porcelain heads, and another set of smaller dolls with white painted faces with crosses covering their eyes. Thematically the piece is harassing with how tweens are presenting themselves on social medias, and which ideals they like to identify themselves with. Finally they all look the same. Some will say the blond, solarium tanned, skinny blog-chicks with silicon in their lips and breast, look like clowns. Social porn, according to the origin of the title; a group of suitably costumed actors or artist's models, carefully posed and often theatrically lit.

The first part is visualized beautifully and idealized, like in the the glossy magazines and on TV. The latter is more dark and gloomy, like when the remedies don´t work, or you realize the last nose job didn´t make you any happier.

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