what the fuck is wrong with VISUAL CANDY

The installation ”what the fuck is wrong with VISUAL CANDY” is a surrealistic symphony of objects, sculptures, colors and sound. It aims is to appeal to our visual senses and not to our intellect. A colorful expression which oscillates from cabinet of curiosities to being on a journey in a circus-like cartoon. The intention is to overstimulate all the external senses, so the viewer can dwell in the room and keep being fascinated and discover new details.

At the same time it holds a feminist backdrop, reflecting on the importance of keeping a perfect fasad in today's society. The increase in plastic surgery in order to obtain an utter ideal created by the mass media, where everyone at the end of the day looks exactly the same. Like mannequin dolls in a wax cabinet. Maybe there is something fundamentally wrong with VISUAL CANDY? Whereas women are reduced to beautiful objects one can rest ones eyes on.

The installation is also commenting on the minimalistic and strict conceptual art witch has been dominating a great lot of the Norwegian art scene the past years. To fully enjoy this work it will not be necessary to read a manual or have knowledge about obscene philosophers. It is accessible to all.

The essens in the installation is the sculpture series called Still Life. This series consists of seven sculptures of my head, accomplished in various manners. They are all porcelain. The walls in the room are covered with golden textiles and the floor with sideways chess pattern in pink and black. The sculptures are installed on various objects. One under a banana tree with pink bananas, another is hanging from the roof in a birdcage, a third is located on a old sink, and the rest on more traditional plinths.

The custom made music is made by The Invisible Eggmen, witch are Herjulv Arnkværn, Øystein Sandsdalen and Steinar Buholm. The soundscape floates from carillon, piano strum, whistling of the wind, and other weird and mysterious sounds, in loop. The sound-adventure is a mixture of a jolly horror movie and children's channel.

The title, what the fuck is wrong with VISUAL CANDY, is a saying of Damien Hirst, as an answer to criticism toward his dot paintings.

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